Dawn Porter just tweeted ” I LOVE this woman! Rose did a painting of our wedding day which is awesome” her husband Chris O’Dawd said “we are going to hang this in pride of place above our mantle peice” Sept 2012

Wedding painting  “I’m blown away with the painting you have done – it’s brilliant and even better than I could have imagined and believe me my expectations of your work were high seeing all your previous pieces”   Laura Hoddinott Nov 2012

Wedding painting from photos”they were really delighted with it and the children loved spotting who was who. We’re so pleased that they can have something so unique and that will make them smile every time they look at it! Thank you again for enabling us to give such a lovely gift!” Jo 13

Popayspective   “After some heavy hinting, my boyfriend commissioned Rose to draw our flat as a birthday present for me. Rose turned up with canvas, pens, paints, and a huge smile. Obviously I LOVE the result of the painting, but it was also a wonderful day – Rose’s warm, professional, and joyous personality made the experience an extra-special treat. I am especially grateful for the way Rose captured the details that make the flat a home. Her eye for detail is complemented by her instinct for understanding what is truly important to people. Our Popayspective now has pride of place in the same room it depicts. The perfect present!”      Joelle Adams, Bath 2011

Wedding picture(from photographs after the event) “The drawing Rose did of my best friends wedding was perfect, she fused all the best bits of the day to create a unique keepsake of their special day. I was really impressed how she picked up so much of the detail including the venue and scenery. A wonderfully unique and personal wedding gift. Everyone should own a bespoke Rose Popay piece, cannot recommend her highly enough”- Hannah Brown, Bristol 2012

Portraits       Last year for Christmas I decided I wanted to give my brother and the love of his life a present that would be beyond materialism. Based on a picture of the both of them, Rose made a lovely line drawing of them (like the talented artist that she is, she made sure my brother lost a few pounds and his girlfriend gained a cup size:-). It made for a beautifully personal present for the lovebirds. My brother and his girlfriend tell me they cherish the picture as an artistic symbol of their love and the creative expression of their togetherness.      Niall O’Loingsigh 2011

Popayspective A surprise commission for someone’s mum , when she received it she said ‘ This is the best present I’ve ever had’    Jennys mum Bath 2011

“You Rock” Damien Hirst

Jill Mansell the author. Jan 2013 diaryOK, now I’m going to share my brilliant new painting with you. For the first time in my life I commissioned a piece of art and I honestly couldn’t be more thrilled with it. Again, Twitter played its part: the author and TV presenter Dawn Porter happened to mention an artist who’d been invited along to her wedding and had created a wonderful painting of it. I checked out the artist’s website and was instantly besotted with her amazing work. Honestly, it was like love at first sight. I spend a lot of time on the internet searching for art to love and here it was, I’d found it! Better still, the artist lived right here in Bristol – and if that isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.

So anyway, she came to my house and made clever little sketches and took loads of photos and was every bit as brilliant and extrovert and colourful as you’d expect someone who paints her kind of art to be. Honestly, she was so lovely I can’t tell you. Then she went home to weave her magic and a couple of weeks later, Lydia and I went to her house to pick up the finished painting.

Here it is. Seeing it for the first time made me want to cry, it was so perfect. This is our living room at home and that’s me sitting on the sofa exactly where I always sit, writing my book with my fountain pen. And there’s Lydia at the dining table, typing my work on to her laptop (and no doubt gleefully pointing out any mistakes I’ve made). There’s my bear in the fireplace…and the little wire sculpture of a lamb that I bought myself after writing about wire sculptures in Take A Chance On Me. And do you see the smaller painting of this painting hanging on the wall behind me? There’s also another tiny version of the painting inside it!

The artist’s name is Rose Popay and her website iswww.rosepopay.co.uk – do take a look at it. She used to work for Damien Hirst (along with my friend Katie Fforde’s daughter, I later discovered) and has led the most brilliant and fascinating life, travelling the world with her street-performance-artist parents. This is in no way a paid advert by the way – Rose doesn’t know I’m writing this about her. I’m just so happy with my painting and want others to enjoy her work.”

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