Once upon a time, Rose Popay was born 1974 to a couple of ground breaking artists who founded the Internationally renowned Comic-Visual street theatre performers, The Natural Theatre Company of Bath. This English Rose has led a sweetly surreal and mildly eccentric life and can often be found performing (alongside Mum, Dad and Step-Dad) at street theatre events, festivals and parties across the globe. Most recently she spent a month in Shanghai, at the invitation of the British Council, as part of a team of artist in residence at the world expo 2010.

Her alternative perspectives on the world via her theatrical encounters in countries such as Costa Rica, Lapland, Nigeria, Russia, Australia, Europe and the UK have influenced her artistic style and fed her passion for a bold and vibrant use of colour. Head hunted to work for Damien Hirsts Science Studios, after 5 years of this has struck out alone.

This website focus’s on her drawing work, after you have looked here you may want to cast your eyes on Roses performance art.

You can see her other more risqué self at and also her films on her YouTube channel.

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